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What are Farmers' Rights (FR)?

  G. UlutuncokThis website is about Farmers' Rights (FR) as they are addressed in the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. Farmers' Rights are basically about enabling farmers to continue their work as stewards and innovators of agricultural biodiversity, and about recognizing and rewarding them for their contribution to the global pool of genetic resources.

Thus, Farmers' Rights are critical to ensuring the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources for food and agriculture and consequently for food security – today and in the future. Farmers' Rights are also a central means in the fight against rural poverty in developing countries.   More >

About this website

Photo: Fulvio EccardiThis website was developed in the period 2008-2012 as a tool for decision makers, practitioners, and others involved in the realization of Farmers' Rights. It was also an information source for researchers and other interested individuals. The website has remained available after 2012 as a source of information from this period but has not been systematically updated after that. A few updates have been made in the 'Latest website additions and news', though. Efforts are currently underway to seek new funding to upgrade, update and relaunch farmersrights.org.

At this website you will find information systematically compiled from 2005 until 2012 on the history, legal status and contents of Farmers' Rights, on the state of implementation of these rights, and a comprehensive database on legislation and policies. You will find concrete recommendations on how to go about implementing Farmers' Rights in your own country, with examples of success stories from all over the world. Furthermore, the website contains overviews of literature and organizations related to Farmers' Rights, and answers to 'frequently asked questions' (FAQ).

The website was originally created and maintained as part of the Farmers' Rights Project of the Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI), with financial support of the sectorial GTZ (now GIZ) project People, Food and Biodversity which was implemented on behalf of the German BMZ.

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 Note to our users:
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 Latest website additions and news:

(7.1.2014) Note on the progress on Farmers' Rights at GB5

(20.6.2013) New book on Farmers' Rights!

(19.6.2013) Information on GB5 in Oman

(18.6.2013) Information on APBREBES

(13.3.2013) Book on Community Biodiversity Management

(7.1.2013) Stakeholders’ Consultation on Sustainable Use of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

(21.11.2012) Book on crop genetic resources as a global commons

(5.11.2012) Report on EU seed legislation in the context of agricultural biodiversity

(5.10.2012) English version of report on FR in Norway

(20.09.2012) Information about the re-invitation to submit views, experiences, etc. on FR

(20.09.2012) Article in New Routes on the FR project

(24.08.2012) Presentations from a meeting on PPB and CGIAR

(09.05.2012) Technical manual on plant breeding with farmers

(07.12.2011) Book on agrobiodiversity and law

(23.11.2011) Dossier on seeds and FR

(18.11.2011) Report in Norwegian on FR in Norway

(08.08.2011) Article in Norwegian

(08.06.2011) Biodiversity in Food Awards now open

(07.06.2011) Article on Indian patent regime and TRIPS

(07.06.2011) Video on PPB in Uganda

(31.05.2011) Official version of GB4 resolution on FR

(23.05.2011) FAO educational module on the Plant Treaty

(13.05.2011) Scandinavian meeting on old crop varieties

(14.04.2011) Report from the 2010 Global Consultations survey

(05.04.2011) Farmers' Rights at GB4

(04.04.2011) Side event about the Global Consultations at GB4

(25.03.2011) Report on community seed banks

(08.03.2011) Report from the Global Consultations on FR in 2010

(19.01.2011) Input Paper from the Global Consultations

(01.12.2010) Second Report on State of the World's PGRFA

(30.11.2010) Consultation Conference on Farmers' Rights

(30.06.2010) Call for proposals 2010 for Benefit-Sharing Fund of the Treaty

(07.06.2010) Report from workshop on non-monetary benefit sharing

(29.04.2010) Phd thesis by Julia Rojahn

(26.03.2010) Essay by Regine Andersen

(23.03.2010) Phd thesis on the ITPGRFA by Thi Thuy Van Dinh

(01.02.2010) Book on agrobiodiversity zones and registration of native crops in Peru

(29.10.2009) Book chapter from Brewster Kneen's 'The Tyranny of Rights'

(27.10.2009) UN report about the right to food and seed policies

(01.09.2009) French and Spanish versions of the FR website

(24.07.2009) Discussion paper on ITPGRFA and FR

(02.07.2009) Information about sustainable use at GB3

(02.07.2009) Information about a new resolution on Farmers' Rights

(02.07.2009) Phd thesis by Juliana Santilli: Agrobiodiversity and Law

(24.06.2009) List of descriptors for farmer's knowledge of plants

(12.06.2009) Article by José Esquinas-Alcázar: Protecting crop genetic diversity for food security: political, ethical and technical challenges

(12.06.2009) IAO Report on Sustainable Use of Agrobiodiversity in Italy

(20.05.2009) Information Paper on Farmers' Rights

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