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The Association for Plant Breeding for the Benefit of Society (APBREBES)

The Association for Plant Breeding for the Benefit of Society (APBREBES) was founded in 2009 by seven civil society organisations from developing and industrialised countries.

The purpose of APBREBES is to promote plant breeding for the benefit of society, to fully implement Farmers' Rights to plant genetic resources and to promote biodiversity. APBREBES aims at the recognition and taking into account of Human Rights in general and Farmers' Rights in particular as well as the sustainable management of agricultural biodiversity in the decisions and activities related to Plant Variety Protection and to UPOV.

APBREBES' activities include exchanging information and critical analysis of current regulatory frameworks for plant breeding and their various implications, as well as the facilitation of farmer and citizen involvement in local, national, regional and international decision-making processes and debates that affect the development of plant breeding. APBREBES is the only global network of civil society organisations that has observer status in UPOV bodies.

APBREBES also publishes a newsletter which aims to inform its readers on the latest developments with regard to plant variety protection in a context of sustainable management of agricultural biodiversity, promotion of Farmers' Rghts and food sovereignty.

Find more information here:
 APBREBES website
 APBREBES Newsletter subscription information

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