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Documents on sustainable use for the Third Session of the Governing Body

The Secretariat provided the Governing Body with substantial input for its consideration at its Third Session.

The Secretariat presented a comprehensive working document on the implementation of Article 6, including guidance as to potential further steps for the Governing Body. It also prepared an information document on the submissions made by Contracting Parties and relevant organizations until August 2008, and an addendum on submissions made after this date and until shortly before the Third Session. Altogether 9 countries and 2 organizations had submitted their input during the inter-sessional period. However, the Secretariat used the input for the Second Session (14 countries) and to the State of the World of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (over 100 country reports), as well as information from other sources as basis for its working document.

The working document concludes that implementation of Article 6 is underway in most countries, but that there is no integrated and coordinated approach to this. Due to the extensive information of often qualitative nature, it is difficult to assess progress, the report concludes, and it suggests four measures to enable more confident progress assessment, including regular submissions from Contracting Parties based on a questionnaire, and different forms of information searches. In addition, the working document suggests that a toolbox be developed to assist countries in their implementation of Article 6.

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