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Background literature on intellectual property rights

There is a sizeable literature on intellectual property rights to plant genetic resources. The following titles have been selected because they address farmers' rights explicitly in this context, or because their findings appear particularly relevant in the context of farmers' rights.

deBeer, Jeremy (2005):
Reconciling Property Rights in Plants
Journal of World Intellectual Property, Vol. 8. No. 1, pp. 5-31

Louwaars, N. P.; R. Tripp, D. Eaton, V. Henson-Apollonio, R. Hu, M. Mendoza, F. Muhhuku, S. Pal & J. Wekundah (2005):
Impacts of Strengthened Intellectual Property Rights Regimes on the Plant Breeding Industry in Developing Countries - A Synthesis of Five Case Studies
Study commissioned by the World Bank (Wageningen, the Netherlands: Center for Genetic Resources)

Helfer, Laurence R. (2004):
Intellectual Property Rights in Plant Varieties. International Legal Regimes and Policy Options for National Governments
FAO Legislative Study 85 (Rome: FAO)

Commission on Intellectual Property Rights (2002):
Integrating Intellectual Property Rights and Development Policy
(London: Commission on Intellectual Property Rights)
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Evenson, R.E. (1999):
Intellectual Property Rights, Access to Plant Germplasm, and Crop Production Scenarios in 2020
Crop Science, Vol. 39, pp. 1630-1635

Leskien, Dan & Michael Flitner (1997):
Intellectual Property Rights and Plant Genetic Resources: Options for a Sui Generis System
IPGRI: Issues in Genetic Resource No.6

Rosendal, G. Kristin (1995):
The Politics of Patent Legislation in Biotechnology: In International View
Pp. 453-476 in Rafaat El-Gewely (ed.) Biotechnology Annual Review, (Amsterdam: Elsevier)

Crucible Group (1994):
People, Plants and Patents. The Impact of Intellectual Property on Biodiversity, Conservation, Trade and Rural Society
(Ottawa: International Development Research Centre)

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