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The Plant Treaty and Farmers' Rights: Implementation Issues for South Asia

Andersen, Regine and Tone Winge (2009):
The Plant Treaty and Farmers' Rights: Implementation Issues for South Asia.
(Kathmandu: South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics & Environment (SAWTEE))


This discussion paper looks into the contents of the Plant Treaty with a particular focus on Farmers’ Rights. The paper also looks at the challenges from other international agreements such as the CBD, the TRIPS Agreement and UPOV; the state of negotiations with regard to Farmers’ Rights; and prospects for their realization in developing countries in general and South Asia in particular. In addition, as India's law on plant variety protection and Farmers’ Rights is an example of the most advanced legal recognition of Farmers’ Rights at the national level, the paper also analyses various issues concerned with this Act before deriving conclusion and recommendations with regard to options available for the realization of Farmers’ Rights.

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Nepal. Photo: Regine Andersen, FNI

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